Co-curricular activities at Knightsbridge Schools International support the school’s inquiry based learning curriculum. KSI Algarve seeks to provide opportunities for students to explore and develop new skills and interests beyond the school curriculum. Co-curricular activities foster the development of confidence and self-esteem through interactions with others. 

Benefits & Importance of Co-curricular Activities:

  • Influences academic performance by improving attitudes toward school and higher educational aspirations
  • Facilitates positive developmental (intellectual, emotional and social)
  • Improve self-esteem, self-efficiency, social and communication skills 
  • Promote health, fitness and wellness of students by keeping them active and engaged in a variety of endeavours

Co-curricular activities offered at the school include:

Contemporary Dance Basketball
Singing  Swimming
Musical Instruments Karate

For a copy of the timetable and pricing please contact the school. 

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